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CadenceClientRegisterWorkflowAsyncTWorkflow Method

Registers a workflow implementation with Cadence.

Namespace:  Neon.Cadence
Assembly:  Neon.Cadence (in Neon.Cadence.dll) Version: 2.14.0
public Task RegisterWorkflowAsync<TWorkflow>(
	string workflowTypeName = null,
	string domain = null
where TWorkflow : WorkflowBase


workflowTypeName (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optionally specifies a custom workflow type name that will be used for identifying the workflow implementation in Cadence. This defaults to the fully qualified TWorkflow type name.
domain (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optionally overrides the default client domain.

Type Parameters

The WorkflowBase derived class implementing the workflow.

Return Value

Type: Task
The tracking Task.
InvalidOperationExceptionThrown if another workflow class has already been registered for workflowTypeName.
WorkflowWorkerStartedException Thrown if a workflow worker has already been started for the client. You must register workflow implementations before starting workers.
Note Note
Be sure to register all of your workflow implementations before starting workers.
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