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KubeServiceSetConfigFilePath Method

Maps a logical configuration file path to an actual file on the local machine. This is used for unit testing to map a file on the local workstation to the path where the service expects the find to be.

Namespace:  Neon.Kube.Service
Assembly:  Neon.Kube.Service (in Neon.Kube.Service.dll) Version: 2.1.0
public void SetConfigFilePath(
	string logicalPath,
	string physicalPath,
	Func<string, string> passwordProvider = null


Type: SystemString
The logical file path (typically expressed as a Linux path).
Type: SystemString
The physical path to the file on the local workstation.
passwordProvider (Optional)
Type: SystemFuncString, String
Optionally specifies the password provider function to be used to locate the password required to decrypt the source file when necessary. The password will use the LookupPassword(String) method when passwordProvider is null.
FileNotFoundExceptionThrown if there's no file at physicalPath.
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