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TemporalClientListNamespacesAsync Method

Lists the Temporal namespaces.

Namespace:  Neon.Temporal
Assembly:  Neon.Temporal (in Neon.Temporal.dll) Version: 2.14.0-alpha
public Task<NamespaceListPage> ListNamespacesAsync(
	int pageSize,
	byte[] nextPageToken = null


Type: SystemInt32
The maximum number of namespaces to be returned. This must be greater than or equal to one.
nextPageToken (Optional)
Type: SystemByte
Optionally specifies an opaque token that can be used to retrieve subsequent pages of namespaces.

Return Value

Type: TaskNamespaceListPage
A NamespaceListPage with the namespaces.

This method can be used to retrieve one or more pages of namespace results. You'll pass pageSize as the maximum number of namespaces to be returned per page. The NamespaceListPage returned will list the namespaces and if there are more namespaces waiting to be returned, will return token that can be used in a subsequent call to retrieve the next page of results.

Note Note
NextPageToken will be set to null when there are no more result pages remaining.
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