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TemporalClientNewWorkflowFutureStubTWorkflowInterface Method

Creates a stub suitable for starting an external workflow and then waiting for the result as separate operations.

Namespace:  Neon.Temporal
Assembly:  Neon.Temporal (in Neon.Temporal.dll) Version: 2.10.0-alpha
public WorkflowFutureStub<TWorkflowInterface> NewWorkflowFutureStub<TWorkflowInterface>(
	string methodName = null,
	WorkflowOptions options = null
where TWorkflowInterface : class


methodName (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optionally identifies the target workflow method. This is the name specified in [WorkflowMethod] attribute for the workflow method or null/empty for the default workflow method.
options (Optional)
Type: Neon.TemporalWorkflowOptions
Optionally specifies custom WorkflowOptions.

Type Parameters

The target workflow interface.

Return Value

Type: WorkflowFutureStubTWorkflowInterface
A ChildWorkflowStubTWorkflowInterface instance.
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