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TemporalClientTerminateWorkflowAsync Method

Terminates a workflow if it has not already finished.

Namespace:  Neon.Temporal
Assembly:  Neon.Temporal (in Neon.Temporal.dll) Version: 2.14.0-alpha
public Task TerminateWorkflowAsync(
	WorkflowExecution execution,
	string reason = null,
	byte[] details = null,
	string namespace = null


Type: Neon.TemporalWorkflowExecution
Identifies the running workflow.
reason (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optionally specifies an error reason string.
details (Optional)
Type: SystemByte
Optionally specifies additional details as a byte array.
namespace (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optionally specifies the namespace. This defaults to the client namespace.

Return Value

Type: Task
The tracking Task.
EntityNotExistsExceptionThrown if the workflow no longer exists.
BadRequestExceptionThrown if the request is invalid.
InternalServiceExceptionThrown for internal Temporal problems.
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