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Neon.Cadence.Internal Namespace

Public classCadenceHelper
Cadence helper methods and constants.
Public classChildExecution
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Holds information about a child workflow execution.
Public classInternalPollerInfo
Describes a workflow or activity poller.
Public classInternalTaskList
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Describes a task list. This maps directly to the Cadence GOLANG TaskList structure.
Public classSyncSignalCall
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Holds information necessary to implement synchronous signals. This is used internally for transmitting synchronous signals to workflows.
Public interfaceITypedWorkflowStub
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Interface implemented by generated typed workflow stubs.
Public enumerationCadenceErrorType
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Enumerates the Cadence error types.
Public enumerationInternalParentClosePolicy
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Enumerates the possible child workflow behaviors when the parent workflow is closed.
Public enumerationInternalTaskListKind
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Enumerates the different kinds of task lists.