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Neon.Cryptography Namespace

This namespace Includes some cryptographic helper methods and extensuions making operations like MD5 or SHA-* hashing easier as well as the NeonVault class which can be used to persist encrypted data (inspired by Ansible Vault).
Public classAesCipher
Implements a convienent wrapper over AesManaged that handles the encryption and decryption of data using the AES algorthim using many security best practices.
Public classCryptoExtensions
Crytography extensions.
Public classCryptoHelper
Crypography related helper methods.
Public classNeonVault
Manages the encryption and decryption of files using passwords. This works a lot like Ansible Vault.
Public classTlsCertificate
Holds the public and private parts of a TLS certificate.
Public enumerationWildcard
Enumerates the possible wildcard certificate generation modes.