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Neon.Data Namespace

This namespace defines some data converters as well as types and interfaces supporting ModelGen generated data types.
Public classCouchbaseImporter
Handles persisting JSON documents to Couchbase.
Public classCouchbaseSettings
Settings used to connect a Couchbase client to a Couchbase bucket.
Public classDateTimeJsonConverter

Implements a type converter for DateTime using the culture invariant yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ format.

Note Note
This converter assumes that the DateTime being converted is relative to UTC.
Public classDateTimeOffsetJsonConverter
Implements a type converter for DateTimeOffset using the culture invariant yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffzzz format.
Public classEntityHelper
Helper methods for managing database entities.
Public classIntegerEnumConverterTEnum
Implements a type converter that converts between integers and an enum type.
Public classJsonExtensions
Newtonsoft related extension methods.
Public classNotifyPropertyChanged
A common implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged.
Public classRoundtripDataFactory
Used to instantiate code generated classes that implement IRoundtripData as generated by the Neon.ModelGen assembly.
Public classRoundtripDataHelper
Serialization related helpers used by the code generated by the Neon.ModelGen library.
Public classTimeSpanJsonConverter

Implements a type converter for TimeSpan using the culture invariant "c" format. This serializes TimeSpan instances as:

Public classVersionJsonConverter
Implements a type converter for Version.
Public interfaceIEnhancedJsonConverter

Extends the standard JsonConverter by returning the type handled by the converter.

Note Note
JsonConverter classes need to implement this interface to be automatically supported by classes generated by Neon.ModelGen.
Public interfaceIGeneratedServiceClient
Used to identify a generated ASP.NET service client.
Public interfaceIPersistableType
Public interfaceIPersistableTypeT
Generic interface describing an entity that can be persisted to a database.
Public interfaceIRoundtripData
Used by the Neon.ModelGen assembly to indicate that a class was generated as a round-trip data model.