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Neon.Diagnostics Namespace

This namespace includes the common logging code used throughout Neon applications and libraries.
Public classAssertException
Thrown by Assert(Boolean, String) to signal logic failures.
Public classLogExtensions
Extends the INeonLogger types.
Public classLogManager
A reasonable default implementation of an application log manager. See ILogManager for a description of how log managers work.
Public classNullLogger
Implements an INeonLogger that simply drops all logged events.
Public classNullLoggerScope
Public classTestLogger
Implements an INeonLogger intended for non-production use in unit tests that need to inspect generated logs by recoding events to memory and then providing a way to inspect these events.
Public classTestLoggerScope
Public classTextLogger
A general purpose implementation of INeonLogger and ILogger that logs to STDERR by default, which is typical for container and Kubernetes applications. The output can also be directed to a TextWriter.
Public classTextLoggerScope
Public structureLogActivity
Used to help log correlate lower-level operations with a higher-level activity.
Public structureLogEvent
Used by or capturing logged events in memory.
Public interfaceILogManager
Describes an application log manager implementation. LogManager is a reasonable implementation for many situations but it's possible for developers to implement custom solutions.
Public interfaceINeonLogger
Defines the methods and properties for a diagnostics logger.
Public delegateLoggerCreatorDelegate
Defines the LoggerCreator function used to return custom logger implementations.
Public enumerationLogLevel
Enumerates the possible log levels. Note that the relative ordinal values of these definitions are used when deciding to log an event when a specific LogLevel is set. Only events with log levels less than or equal to the current level will be logged.