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Neon.HyperV Namespace

Internal namespace.
Public classHyperVClient

Abstracts management of local Hyper-V virtual machines and components on Windows via PowerShell.

Note Note
This class requires elevated administrative rights.
Public classHyperVException
Thrown by HyperVClient when an error is detected.
Public classVirtualDrive
Specifies virtual drive creation parameters.
Public classVirtualMachine
Describes the state of a Hyper-V based virtual machine.
Public classVirtualNetworkAdapter
Describes a Hyper-V virtual network adapter attached to a virtual machine.
Public classVirtualSwitch
Describes the a Hyper-V virtual network switch.
Public enumerationVirtualMachineState
Enumerates the known Hyper-V virtual machine states.
Public enumerationVirtualSwitchType
Enumerates the known Hyper-V virtual machine states.