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Neon.IO Namespace

This namespace includes some handy file and stream related types.
Public classBlockStream
Implements an in-memory stream based on a collection of Block buffers rather than a single byte buffer. This is more efficient than MemoryStream for large streams and also avoids allocations in the large object heap.
Public classLinuxPath
Implements functionality much like Path, except for this class is oriented towards handling Linux-style paths on a remote (possibly a Windows) machine.
Public classPreprocessReader
Preprocesses text returned by a TextReader by removing comments, expanding variables, and implementing simple conditionals.
Public classRelayStream
Implements a stream that passes operations to another stream. This is mainly useful for controlling whether Dispose and Dispose(Boolean) actually disposes the underlying stream or not when the stream is referenced by another class that always disposes the stream.
Public classTempFile
Generates a globally unique temporary file name and then ensures that the file is removed when the instance is disposed.
Public classTempFolder
Manages a temporary file system folder to be used for the duration of a unit test.
Public structureLinuxPermissions
Manipulates Linux style file permissions.
Public enumerationLineEnding
Enumerates the possible line ending modes.