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Neon.Net Namespace

This namespace defines JsonClient which makes calling REST APIs easier as well as a handful of other network related utilities provided by NetHelper and Pinger.
Public classHttpException
Describes an HTTP error.
Public classJsonClient
Implements a light-weight JSON oriented HTTP client.
Public classJsonClientPayload
Passed as the document to be uploaded with a JsonClientPOST or PUT request to customize the payload data and content-type. This can be used in special situations where a REST API needs to push application/x-www-form-urlencoded data or other formats.
Public classJsonResponse
Encapsulates the response returned from a JsonClient server call.
Public classJwt
A lightweight implementation of Json Web Token (JWT) suitable for use by client applications. The JWT structure is described here.
Public classNetConst
Network related constants.
Public classNetHelper
Useful network related utilities.
Public classNetworkCidr
Describes a IP network subnet using Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation.
Public classNetworkConfiguration
Retured by GetNetworkConfiguration with the current network settings including: Routable IP address, network CIDR, network gateway and the DNS server IP addresses.
Public classNetworkException
Indicates network related problems.
Public classNetworkPorts
Defines some common network port numbers as well as the TryParse(String, Int32) method.
Public classPinger
Implements a threadsafe subset of the .NET Framework Ping class.
Public classReachableHost