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Neon.Temporal.Internal Namespace

Public classActivityInfo
Holds information about an executing activity.
Public classActivityType
ActivityType identifies a Temporal activity type.
Public classChildExecution
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Holds information about a child workflow execution.
Public classFailure
Defines a workflow execution failure.
Public classInternalWorkflowExecution
Describes the state of an executed workflow. Used for serialization in a set of message types.
Public classMemo
Describers a temporal workflow execution memo.
Public classNamespaceDescription
Information returned by DescribeNamespaceAsync(String).
Public classNamespaceInfo
Information about a Temporal namespace.
Public classPayload
Defines a temporal data payload.
Public classPayloads
Data payloads.
Public classPendingActivityInfo
Describes the current state of a scheduled or executing activity.
Public classPendingChildExecutionInfo
Decribes the current state of a pending; child workflow.
Public classPollerInfo
Describes the status of a poller (AKA worker) listening to a task queue.
Public classResetPointInfo
Defines workflow execution reset points.
Public classResetPoints
Defines a payload of reset points.
Public classSearchAttributes
Describes workflow execution search attributes.
Public classSyncSignalCall
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Holds information necessary to implement synchronous signals. This is used internally for transmitting synchronous signals to workflows.
Public classTaskQueue
Represents a Temporal task queue with a String Name and TaskQueueKind kind.
Public classTaskQueueDescription
Describes the current status of a Temporal task queue.
Public classTaskQueueStatus
Describes the status of a temporal task queue.
Public classTemporalHelper
Temporal helper methods and constants.
Public classWorkflowDescription
Describes a workflow execution.
Public classWorkflowExecutionConfig
Describes a workflow's configuration.
Public classWorkflowExecutionInfo
Describes the current state of a workflow.
Public classWorkflowInfo
Returns information about an executing workflow.
Public classWorkflowType
WorkflowType identifies a Temporal workflow type
Public interfaceITypedWorkflowStub
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Interface implemented by generated typed workflow stubs.
Public enumerationNamespaceState
Indicates a Temporal namespace status.
Public enumerationPendingActivityState
Enumerates the state of an activity.
Public enumerationTemporalErrorType
INTERNAL USE ONLY: Enumerates the Temporal error types.
Public enumerationWorkflowExecutionStatus
Used to identify the status of a Temporal workflow.