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Neon.Time Namespace

This namespace includes some time related types.
Public classGatedTimer
Implements a timer that allows only one thread at a time to process timer events.
Public classPolledTimer
Implements a timer suitable for use in scenarios that need to poll periodically to see if an action needs to be performed.
Public classRecurringTimer
Used to manage tasks that need to be performed on a periodic basis.
Public classSysTime
A date/time implementation that is guaranteed to be monotonically increasing even as the underlying system time is updated manually or automatically to adjust for daylight savings time or clock skewing.
Public structureGoTimeSpan
Implements support for GO Language formatted durations. This class is useful for integrating with GO applications.
Public structureTimeOfDay
Represents the time offset since the beginning of the day.
Public enumerationRecurringTimerType
Enumerates the possible RecurringTimer types.