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Renci.SshNet Namespace

This namespace includes Renci SSH.NET types.
Copyright © Renci 2010-2017
Public classAuthenticationMethod
Base class for all supported authentication methods
Public classBaseClient
Serves as base class for client implementations, provides common client functionality.
Public classCipherInfo
Holds information about key size and cipher to use
Public classCommandAsyncResult
Provides additional information for asynchronous command execution
Public classConnectionInfo
Represents remote connection information class.
Public classExpectAction
Specifies behavior for expected expression
Public classExpectAsyncResult
Provides additional information for asynchronous command execution
Public classForwardedPort
Base class for port forwarding functionality.
Public classForwardedPortDynamic
Provides functionality for forwarding connections from the client to destination servers via the SSH server, also known as dynamic port forwarding.
Public classForwardedPortLocal
Provides functionality for local port forwarding
Public classForwardedPortRemote
Provides functionality for remote port forwarding
Public classHashInfo
Holds information about key size and cipher to use
Public classKeyboardInteractiveAuthenticationMethod
Provides functionality to perform keyboard interactive authentication.
Public classCode exampleKeyboardInteractiveConnectionInfo
Provides connection information when keyboard interactive authentication method is used
Public classMessageEventArgsT
Provides data for message events.
Public classNetConfClient
Contains operation for working with NetConf server.
Public classNoneAuthenticationMethod
Provides functionality for "none" authentication method
Public classPasswordAuthenticationMethod
Provides functionality to perform password authentication.
Public classCode examplePasswordConnectionInfo
Provides connection information when password authentication method is used
Public classPrivateKeyAuthenticationMethod
Provides functionality to perform private key authentication.
Public classCode examplePrivateKeyConnectionInfo
Provides connection information when private key authentication method is used
Public classCode examplePrivateKeyFile
Represents private key information.
Public classRemotePathTransformation
Provides access to built-in remote path transformations.
Public classScpClient
Provides SCP client functionality.
Public classSession
Provides functionality to connect and interact with SSH server.
Public classSftpClient
Implementation of the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) over SSH.
Public classShell
Represents instance of the SSH shell object
Public classShellStream
Contains operation for working with SSH Shell.
Public classSshClient
Provides client connection to SSH server.
Public classSshCommand
Represents SSH command that can be executed.
Public interfaceIForwardedPort
Supports port forwarding functionality.
Public interfaceIRemotePathTransformation
Represents a transformation that can be applied to a remote path.
Public enumerationAuthenticationResult
Represents possible authentication methods results
Public enumerationProxyTypes
Specifies the type of proxy client will use to connect to server.