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The Neon.Couchbase package extends the standard Couchbase IBucket interface with dozens of new methods. These fall into three groups: entirely new safe methods, new overrides of existing bucket methods and a handful of new index related methods like ListIndexesAsync

The new safe methods are designed to be easy to use by just returning the result of the operation without any error information. The safe methods check for errors internally and automatically retry operations that experienced a transient error. The new safe can dramatically reduce the amount of boilerplate code you'll need and can make your code more readable and resilient.

The new overrides for existing Couchbase methods add support for the Neon IPersistableType interface type which abstracts key generation, type identification, and serialization abstractions. These seemlessly supports data types generated by the Neon.ModelGen package.

This package also includes the CouchbaseSettings class which manages Couchbase connection setting serialization to/from JSON and YAML, providing a standard way to specify Couchbase settings as configuration files.

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