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The Neon.SSH library extends the SSH.NET SSH/SCP client library by adding enhancements for performing remote operations on Linux computers. This originally intended for internal use by our neonKUBE project but we've found this usefule for sister companies and projects, so we've broken this out and published it as a public nuget package. The package still has vestages of its history as a neonKUBE dependency and we may or may not clean this up in the future.

This package has only been tested against remote systems running Ubuntu 18.04+ and will probaby work against many other Debian-based distributions. RedHat and other non-Debian distributions probably won't be compatible.

Here are some of the important types:


Wraps underlying SSH and SCP connection for performing operations on a remote Linux machine, including executing commands, scripts, uploading/downloading files, and performing idempotent operations. Remote command executions and their results can also be logged locally via a TextWriter (using a completely non-standard but still useful logging format).


This generic version of LinuxSshProxy allows you to add metadata to each instance as a convenience.


Command bundles provide a way to upload a script or executable to a temporary working directory and then run the script or program in the context of the working directory so the script or program will have access to the files. Command bundle executions can also tolerate transient network disconnections.

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