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SSH.NET was originally maintained at but support there has waned for the past couple of years with the last NuGet package being released in 10-2017 and the last commit on the **develop** branch occuring in 07-1018.

The original SSH.NET Nuget packages were working well for us up to 02-2019, when Linux OpenSSH fixed this security vulnerability [CVE-2018-20685]( which breaks SSH.NET file uploads. Here are some tracking issues:

neonFORGE required a fix for this issue to support the neonKUBE Kubernetes distribution so we went ahead and cloned the project and applied some fixes suggested but not commited to the original repo.

We'll be publishing this to Nuget as Neon.SSH.NET as a .NETStandard 2.0 class library for our own purposes, but the community is welcome to use this under the orignal MIT as well as the Apache v2 licenses.

Important note Important

Our primary goal here to solve our own problems and we hope and expect to do only very limited upgrades to this library over time. We are by no means experts on the SSH/SCP protocols nor this codebase.

This directory is a partial copy of the sshnet/SSH.NET GitHub repository. This was copied on 06-04-2019 from the develop branch at commit bd01d97.

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