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ServiceModelAttribute Properties

The ServiceModelAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public propertyGroup

Optionally used to group multiple methods from different controllers with the same Name together into the same generated service client class or subclass.

This defaults to null which means that the service methods from the different controllers will be generated directly within the generated service client. When this is not null or empty, a subclass using this name with "Client" appended will be generated with the methods from the controllers with this group name.

Public propertyName

Returns the name to be used for the generated client class and for transmitting requests to the server or null if the name is to be derived from the tagged class name.

Note Note
The tagged controller class name will be used as the default name, stripping "Controller" off the end of the class name if present.
Public propertyTypeId
When implemented in a derived class, gets a unique identifier for this Attribute.
(Inherited from Attribute.)
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