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NeonService Properties

The NeonService type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArguments
Returns the list of command line arguments passed to the service. This defaults to an empty list.
Public propertyBaseUri

For services with exactly one network endpoint, this returns the base URI to be used to access the service.

Note Note
This will throw a InvalidOperationException if the service defines no endpoints or has multiple endpoints.
Public propertyDependencies
Used to specify other services that must be reachable via the network before a NeonService will be allowed to start. This is exposed via the Dependencies where these values can be configured in code before RunAsync(Boolean) is called or they can also be configured via environment variables as described in ServiceDependencies.
Public propertyDescription
Returns the service description for this service (if any).
Public propertyEndpoints
Returns the dictionary mapping case sensitive service endpoint names to endpoint information.
Public propertyExitCode
Returns the exit code returned by the service.
Public propertyExitException
Returns any abnormal exception thrown by the derived OnRunAsync method.
Public propertyGitVersion
Returns GIT branch and commit the service was built from as well as an optional indication the the build branch had uncomitted changes (e.g. was dirty).
Public propertyInDevelopment
Returns true when the service is running in development or test mode, when the DEV_WORKSTATION environment variable is defined.
Public propertyInProduction
Returns true when the service is running in production, when the DEV_WORKSTATION environment variable is not defined. The NeonServiceFixure will set this to true explicitly as well.
Public propertyLog
Returns the service's default logger.
Public propertyLogManager
Returns the service's log manager.
Public propertyMetricsOptions

Prometheus metrics options. To enable metrics collection for non-ASPNET applications, we recommend that you simply set Mode==Scrape before calling OnRunAsync.

See MetricsOptions for more details.

Public propertyName
Returns the service name.
Public propertyServiceMap
Returns the service map (if any).
Public propertyStatus
Returns the service current running status.
Public propertyTerminator
Returns the service's ProcessTerminator. This can be used to handle termination signals.
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