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ComposedFixture Properties

The ComposedFixture type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChildren
Returns the subfixtures.
Public propertyCount
Returns the number of fixtures in the set.
Protected propertyInAction
Returns true if the Start(Action) method is running.
(Inherited from TestFixture.)
Protected propertyIsDisposed
Returns true if the instance has been disposed.
(Inherited from TestFixture.)
Public propertyIsRunning
Returns true if the fixture has been initialized.
(Inherited from TestFixture.)
Public propertyItemInt32
Returns the fixture at the specified index (based on the order the fixture was added).
Public propertyItemString
Returns the named test fixture.
Public propertyState
Used by unit test classes to persist arbitrary name/value information across individual unit tests.
(Inherited from TestFixture.)
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