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ModelGeneratorSettings Class

Specifies model code generator settings.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Neon.ModelGen
Assembly:  Neon.ModelGen (in Neon.ModelGen.dll) Version: 2.14.0-preview
public class ModelGeneratorSettings

The ModelGeneratorSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodModelGeneratorSettings
Constructs an instance with reasonable settings.
Public propertyAllowDebuggerStepInto
Optionally enables source code debuggers to step into methods and properties generated for both data and service models. This is normally used only when debugging model generation and defaults to false.
Public propertyNoServiceClients
Indicates that service client code should not be generated. This defaults to false and may be set to true when only the data models need to be generated.
Public propertyPersisted
Optionally generate generated database persistance related code for data models tagged with [Persistable]. This defaults to false.
Public propertyRoundTrip
Enhances data model code generation to prevent property loss for noSQL scenarios where somebody added a model property before all referencing applications have regenerated their data models. This defaults to true.
Public propertySourceNamespace
Specifies the C# namespace to be used to filter the service and data model classes processed by the code generator. This is especially handy for unit testing. This defaults to null which disables any filtering.
Public propertyTargetNamespace
Specifies the C# namespace to be used when generating the output code. This defaults to Neon.ModelGen.Output.
Public propertyTargets

Used to select a specific targets to be included in the generated output.

Note Note
All groups will be generated when the Targets list is empty.
Public propertyUxFramework
Optionally specifies the user experience framework that the generated classes should support by generating additional code.
Public propertyV1Compatible

Optionally specifies that model classes should be generated such that document type __T properties be serialized using the old v1.x compatible "__T" property name rather than the "T$$" property name generated for Neon.ModelGen v2+.

New projects should leave this alone but existing 1.x based projects must set this to true or use the new neon-modelgen --v1compatible option to avoid database corruption and/or data transmission issues. See #776 for more information.

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